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Our Graphic Design Heroes

I often get asked who my graphic design heroes are, who are the people who inspired me to start my own graphic design agency? Technology has changed the way graphic design is portrayed as a career, how the ideas and concepts are executed, and the media across which the design work itself is seen. But

07 Oct 2016
The first web design

The Internet turns 25 – a quarter of a century of web design

Last month saw the 25th anniversary since the first public website went live. Web design and development has come a long way in these 25 years.

07 Sep 2016
Responsive Woocommerce Website Design

Web Design in Surrey: Jargon Buster

Web design and development can be a complicated process full of technical terms and phrases. Here we explain a few of the more common terms.

14 May 2016
Browser Wars

Browser Wars

With the many different operating systems and devices available today, there are several different web browsers which web designers have to consider when developing sites.

17 Mar 2014

Graphic Design Visual Trends for 2014

iStockPhoto: “Another year came and went in a blur of Helvetica and hipsters — so before you blink and miss 2014, grab a coffee, sit back and check out these top visual design trends to expect in the coming year.”

12 Feb 2014

Which E-Commerce Platform?

If you want an e-commerce enabled website, you have a choice of many platforms to build the site on. There are many free solutions available, as well as some which require a monthly subscription.

07 Feb 2014
Apple Mac

The Apple Mac Turns 30

Having been a loyal Apple Mac user since the late 90’s, I have seen the changes the Mac has undergone in the past 15 or so years.

25 Jan 2014
open sans

Website Design in Surrey: Our 5 Favourite Web Fonts

With the likes of Google Fonts and Typekit, or by manually embedding web fonts via @fontface, you can now now choose from hundreds upon hundreds of fonts.

19 Jan 2014

What Did The World Search For in 2013?

Every year Google releases details about the top 100 things people searched for over the year. So what did the World search for in 2013? Visit the Google ZeitGeist 2013 page in full.

02 Jan 2014