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The Internet turns 25 – a quarter of a century of web design
Last month saw the 25th anniversary since the first public website went live.

The inventor of the internet as we know it, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (who was knighted in 2004 for his work) working at CERN headquarters in Geneva in 1991 created a basic text-based web page with textual hyperlinks which linked to other pages. The page was republished in its original state back in 2013 and can be seen here:


The first website

Web design and development has come a long way in these 25 years. The fundamentals remain the same, with HTML being the main language, but recent advances in technology such as the introduction of handheld devices including tablets and mobile smart phones have revolutionised the industry, with websites not only being viewable on a desktop computer, but also a small 5″ screen.

We have seen coding languages fall in and out of favour over the years. Flash and Shockwave revolutionised web development for some time in the early 2000s, only to slowly be replaced with the advancing capabilities of coding languages such as CSS and JQuery.

One particular website which inspired a generation of web developers was the Hoover website, created by Deep End Design back in 2000. Combining slick animation and a unique user journey, the website made something quote boring, a vacuum cleaner, seem interesting.

Hoover by Deep End

Where will web design go in the next 25 years? With the introduction of smart watches and smart glasses, websites may need to get smaller, whilst the internet gets bigger.