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HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDFrom the very first phone call with Rebecca, enquiring about their services, to the last conversation I had with Jason, Red Sentence provided exceptional customer service. Rebecca was most definitely part of the reason I chose to use Red Sentence over their competitors and Jason and the team are the reason I will only use Red Sentence in the future.Red Sentence managed to produce a complex crowdfunding website to budget and on time with constant updates and exceptional customer service. Jason would always go the extra mile to ensure we were happy with the service, which allowed us to focus on other aspects of our start-up business without worrying about the website.
I use Jason at Red Sentence on a monthly basis. He has been outstanding from day one, from re designing our website, creating monthly email campaigns and producing fantastic quick work. I would highly recommend Red Sentence to anyone looking for a quality quick service!
We have worked with RedSentence and we really enjoy their expertise. They are amazing to work with and we are looking forward to work with them again.
There are WEB Designers, web designers and ... then there is Red Sentence.Creative, knowledgeable, flexible and adaptable and not at all phased by the changes and demands essential to creating a great web site. I loved working with Jason and think you will too. Why use anyone else!
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Pleasure to work with @redsentence. The quality of the work and their super responsive team have turned our vision into reality.
Paul, CEO
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