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Website Design in Surrey: Our 5 Favourite Web Fonts
Website design in Surrey has come a long way from the days of only being able to choose from a selection of 7 or web safe fonts. With the likes of Google Fonts and Typekit, or by manually embedding web fonts via @fontface, you can now now choose from hundreds upon hundreds of fonts.

When choosing a font for your website design, it is important to consider such things as what weights are available (eg thin, bold, italic), the legibility of the font at small sizes on smaller screens, and how well the font reads when there is a large chunk of text.

The two main different styles of fonts include Serif and Sans Serif. Popular yet classic well-known Sans Serif fonts include Helvetica, Futura and Gill Sans. Some more popular Serif fonts include Baskerville, Garamond and Palatino.

We have chosen our favourite 5 fonts, some of them have been used in our website design in Surrey projects.

open sans





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